DG Paws is founded by four pups and their human.

Tay started this business from an inspiration from losing her partner Dayle to his cancer battle at only 27 years old in 2021. Dayle's love for his dog Flynn will never be forgotten and his quote he would always say was "Live your life without any regrets, believe in yourself, do what makes you happy as you never know what's around the corner".

This is why so much motivation brought this business together to follow a passion and do something that makes Tay and the pups happy. DG Paws is in honour of Dayle Gordon. 

The pups are all treated like humans in this house hold and this is where DG Paws ensures that all pups are eating, adventuring, sleeping and repeating all in style and most important comfort.  Your pups will be covered from a range of luxury beds, bowls and to all those essential accessories they need – hey they might need a wardrobe for themselves.

 Meet the Pups below 


The kelpie who would run 24 hours if his body allowed him but one of the smartest pups I know! He was Dayle’s best friend and these two had such a special bond that I know he misses dearly.


Hugo boss as we like to call him as he rules the house and to be honest that’s probably the humans fault for spoiling him. Spends more time at the vets due to eating whatever he thinks he can get his hands on in the pantry but so loved by us


Little Scooby should live by the beach as he would sunbake or swim in the ocean all day if he could. Has a lot of personality for the littlest pup of our family


The lazy greyhound with one of the most beautiful natures you will ever find in a dog. A retired racing dog who has had two litters of pups and now living her best life on the couch or laying in the sun.